Above all, the Sucrerie Lavigne is a family story.

sucrerie lavigne We have welcomed you in a family atmosphere for the past 50 years.

sucrerie lavigne The third generation of children recently joined the existing owners in order to bring fresh ideas and approaches to guarantee a satisfying experience.


sucrerie lavigneAlmost 50 years ago Jean-Paul and Claire L. Lavigne decided to build a small sugar shack to take care of family entertainment and pass the time away, enjoying the calm and good food. As time went by, friends began joining them and a few years later an expansion was planned. To make ends meet on this addition, La Sucrerie Lavigne went commercial. But fun and friendship remained important guidelines. A dancing room was also a priority. As you enter the main hall where the fireplace blazes, you will note that all the benches along the outside wall swing up and out of the way.

Success was on the way. In 1964, a third hall was added then doubled again in 1975. This allowed room for fun, good eating and a view of the kitchen area, where our staff enjoys preparing your favorite treats.


Today all these folksy memories remain, to offer you copious plates, lots of dance room, maybe a stroll or ride in the nearby woods, or just a chance to get comfortable in front of our fireplace and watch the “Fire Fairies” dance to the local music.

Briefly said, our sugar shack is your home for the moment, and you can enjoy a unique meal, music and the sugar season tradition of Quebec, which all added up present you with a “come on, join us, let the good times roll”, just like when you were a child.

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